So here we go, my dad decided to drop my sister & I out of his life. Now I know many other have gone through something similar but let's start from the beginning. Back when I was young my mother passed away from a serious illness. My father went into a depression (which is understandable), my sis is way older (10+yrs) and I was alone in the world. My sis moved out shortly after my mothers passing so it was just me & dad. Well from there on its gets ******. I went out into the world on my own as a preteen & was hanging w/ the wrong people. But dad didn't care, no stopping me or even acknowledgement that I existed. I ended up stealing a bunch of $$ from him over a few yrs($500,000.00+) & ended up doing drugs, serving time in rehab & juvenile detention, not to mention a mental health facility that he put me in cause he "didn't have time to listen to your problems" quote unquote. But I got over it, started a family & life of my own. Now don't get me wrong, there are times he was there for me but that was only when I wasn't an inconvenience in his schedule. For years he ****** with my head mentally. I was an accident, u were 1 miscarry that held on, Haha. But anyways the past is the past and now I'm grown with kids of my own, a loving wife, dog, house, but no dad. Instead he recently decided to write me and my family and my sis.and her family out if his life. To much of a burden are we. Instead he.marries some woman he met 3mo prior and signs everything over to her. Now I don't want anybody to think I'm out for $$, I just want my ******* dad back!!!!! This woman has already left him.twice in their less then a year marriage. I can't him without her approval. WTF??? FOr year I was told "Well marriage is an institution and u should only try it once" ,he ridiculed me for getting.g married and has only talked **** about my wife. But I can't get.him to answer his own txt, his ***** answers for.him!! Talking about is getting me angry so I'm gonna have to finish but.long story short, he gave her the power to write my sis and I out of his.will, which is already done. I can't even talk to him without her screening his call. And my kids have lost their granddad. So.I hate my dad!
Skoole Skoole
26-30, M
Sep 11, 2012