My Dad Is The Biggest Problem In My Life

I am scared of my dad i can't even talk to him like a normal person , he always yells and screams , he never listens to us , we can't communicate with him at all , i'm literally afraid of him , my mum too , they always argue , he screams at her and he always threatens her that he's gonna leave us , she cryies all the time , we are all emotionally unstable because of him when i was young he didn't allow me to play sports he didn't give me the money to do that , i'm 22 now and i can't swim or even ride a bike because he didn't let me , we never went on vacation like normal families . And when it was time to go for collage , he forced me to study something i that didn't want , my major was italian litrature , i didn't want that , i tried every thing i could to transfer my papers to another faculty but he refused ! .... I studied that anyway for 4 years , now that i've graduated , he won't let me work !!! I'm bored to death stuck at home with nothing to do , and with no money , i'm almost 23 andi have to ask my mom for money !!! he even sold my car , So now i can't even go out to see my friends , it's like i'm living in a prison !!! Now i'm engaged and getting married next year , and in my country , i'm supposed to help with my new home , buy furniture , pay half the money for the wedding , and buy lots of clothes and beauty products for myself ( this is how things go around here) but of course my dad won't pay because he's an ******* , he wants to buy the furniture and that's it ... Nothing more , my mum doesn't work but she's spending all her savings on buying me nice things ... I hate this , it's her money and she's not supposed to do that , he is !!! ( sorry for my bad english )
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I'm sorry you've had to go through all that, it must have been horrible. I can relate to a lot of what you talked about, and I was wondering if we could connect over email and perhaps share some thoughts and experiences. I would really appreciate it, and I think venting about it could be good for both of us.

I'm so sorry to read something like this. I really wish that your life will get better. I don't know what country your from, so I don't know your religion or family rules or anything. All I can say is, "Hang in there, and try to take a stand and escape your prison, if possible." Best of wishes.

No I get it-I have an older brother Nd a younger one...they don't get along with him either..I was just saying its always been harder for me because I was the only girl. If u argue with my father-he's always right and you are wrong-no matter what. IvE never heard my father say he was proud of Amy of us, so I know what u mean. I wish you best though-it's tough having a parent who doesn't or won't try and listen to their kids.

Yes , you are absolutely right .

I kind of know what ur going through with ur dad. I cant stand my father anymore. He always yelled at me and never let me do anything because I was a girl.

It's not because i am a girl , i have a younger brother and he treats him the same way ... I wish we could talk to dad some day like normal people without the fear of him getting mad and yelling at us just because we have a different opinion on something . He always makes us feel stupid and everything we do or say is meaningless , no matter how hard we try , we are never good enough