Guinea Pigs Gonna Die

I have the most adorable guinea pig ever! But, one of them died I used to have two. Since the other guinea pig died the one I have got now (her names pinky) is seriously ill. My friends came over and picked her up gently, then they complained to me she was cold. Yes, she was freezing but taking short breaths. I automatically knew I had to rush her to the vet. "Dad take Pinky to the vet" I'd say, and he would next reply "Just leave her, its too expensive and a waste of money". I find it so sickly upsetting. Pinky needs to live the rest of her life. Or to be put down, sadly...Because she'd be in an better place than with a bunch of careless people. BUT, he blames everything on me next and said 'You never look after her' or 'You never give her attention' and I'm like' I just started secondary school too!" and "Your at work nearlly all week. you dont see me?!" jeesh, i need to sort my life out. :X
CheeseBALLSx CheeseBALLSx
Sep 23, 2012