I Hate Yet Still Love My Father

I will not refer to him as my *dad* he has not EARNED that title.

Here are a few reasons why I hate my father;

Vicious, Violent Alcoholic. reveered by a community due to being one of the leading cardiologist's in our country.

Started to physically abuse me at the age of three, pictures to prove it.

Sexually abused me.

Humiliated me CONSTANTLY around family and friends regarding my weight.

DRANK his way through every Christmas, leaving his children wondering if they should be happy or scared that he would begin to BLOW up.

Suffocated my dog in a green garbage bag .... but it's ok he was drunk and my mom is grateful it wasn't one of her kids (OMG)

ONLY thing he says he is proud of me for is that i managed to lose weight and keep it off, DAMN that is the most MINOR thing i have done with my life!!

STATES that my ex and i are harming our children by divorcing, HOLY S--T???? Did he forget what he did to us!! Must be nice to blame EVERYTHING on alcohol AND than also have selective amnesia. Our children NEVER saw us drink, hit, swear, punch, name call, destroy house, but hell our divorce is childish according to my Father.

Hell this list could go on, but why bother, he doesn't deserve my energy.

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5 Responses May 11, 2007

really sucks, but i read ur comment that ur done being a scapegoat for your family so good for you :) your bettering your life.

im so sorry for my father did swear a little but hey me and my sis were not the perfect kids!

The bad dad's aren't always alcoholics...mine is proof

why are the bad dads always alcoholics?? *hugs*