Abusive Doesnt Only Mean Physically...

Hi, I happen to come across this group this morning as my dad yet again degraded my mother before leaving for work... My dad is the only breadwinner in the family and because of this he feels like he has the right to bring me, my sister and mom down on a daily basis... I have been called every bad name in the book, ranging from a fat piece of lazy **** to a wh*re just like my "mother"... He has no right to say things like that... He and my mom were married when they were 19 and my mom hasnt been with anyone but him... I am also not fat but because of hes name calling started cutting ... I look in the mirror and hate who looks back at me... I get it the worse because I am the youngest even though I am 20... my sister, who is 26, works and has her own baby to take care of so she doesnt really hear anything from him... I am currently studying towards a Bachelors degree in science and I love what I do but I hate coming home... My home doesnt feel like a home because of him... sometimes I think he says things specifically to hurt my mom or me... I LOVE my mom to death! She is amazing to have taken this abuse for so long (32 years) but I feel like slowly but surely Im starting to blame her for the life I have... if it wasnt for her marrying him, I wouldnt be in this situation and I resent her for that... I hate my father so much!!! HATE doesnt even begin to describe what I feel for him and I am old enough to know these feelings are not healthy... I sometimes dream about him dying just so that I can be at peace, sometimes I even wish it... how a father can do this to hes family sickens me!
Devilzangel20 Devilzangel20
Nov 25, 2012