Too Late Dad

I will awalys remember the pain you cause me.You once told me I was useless in spainsh.You want me to be different .You want me to forgive like my sister and brother did but how can I .I still remember how you hit me for all the mistake i did and sometime it wasn't me who did it.And now you tell everybody you change.But I don't trust you.I hate it when you act like this nice guy and that I hate you for no reason .Maybe you really did you didnt if I haven't learn any thing from your hits I would have forgive not like my sister dad deal with it.i won't forgive like she has it because you said mean stuff and hit me more than my sister and brother .i won't forgive you but I don't want to see you die.that just show how I'm not mean like you are.
Flowerduringfall Flowerduringfall
Nov 26, 2012