I really hate my father since I was born and started to discover things about my life. He is the man that you think he doesn't care of his family. I raise from my grandparents my mother must leave and find job in order she can give all I want and all what i needed.. But in this situation i will lost the love to my mother I seen her very rarely. Until she decided to go to abroad.. My grandparents try to ask help in my father for a support because I'm dying of a high fever that time,but he could not give even a cent of his money I was 2 years old back then. My grandmother searching for money so she could bring me in the doctor.. Gladly I got cured. My grandfather was so damn angry of my father on that time,first he leave my mother pregnant,after he just didn't support me when Im dying.. He is womanizer he cheated my mom after there marriage and he left and went back to another woman.. We are 3 in different mother I am the only daughter. But I never meet my 2 brothers I just heard about them..now I am 22 years old I can't state all the stories about me.. But my father who started to ruin my life now... I'm still
searching of my mothers love.. I missed her so much.
But I'm trying to accept the reality of what happen in my life now,i don't want to blame anyone or someone suffer just because of my hatred for my father..
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

I'm sorry you've had to go through all that, it must have been horrible. I can relate to a lot of what you talked about, and I was wondering if we could connect over email and perhaps share some thoughts and experiences. I would really appreciate it, and I think venting about it could be good for both of us.