My dad is such a nit-picky *******, he seems to love cleanliness more than me, why am I not surprised? he just finished saying that he has no respect for me, like he's got the right to be saying something like that after he verbally abused me every night when I was young up to age 15 when he switched jobs, jerk, that's real brave, yelling at a little girl who can't fight or yell back, that's real respect worthy, he screwed up my childhood, I might as well have had no father, I hate him, I just want to move out but I can't because of my intense depression and OCD making it difficult to hold down a job, he acts like I'm a total freeloader, which I would understand if I could hold down a job, and it's not for lack of trying either, I have been working since I was twelve, and I made damn good money at it too, in fact, when my family was going through a transitional phase when both my parents were looking for jobs, I, at age fourteen, lended my parents hundreds of dollars so we could buy groceries, I worked all through my mother's fight and (thankfully) victory over cancer, and I am looking for a job, and still handing out resumes all over the place, even though I am still getting out of a rough patch where I wanted to not only die, but to cease to be (as in, I wanted no afterlife, thankfully, not anymore though) -but now, ooooh no, I'm a freeloader because I literally find it paralyzing to get out of bed some mornings, sooooorrry, jeez, what an *******, my dad is one of those people who is lacking in a few iq points for a good hour right after he wakes up, he uses this as an excuse to be a complete jerk to me, he's such a moody little *****, really insanely touchy, like, I make eye contact with him for more than five seconds and he's all like "I know exactly what you're thinking when you look at me like that, don't act like you don't know, this is my house, I've peed all over this thingblablabla..." you can really see the insecurity in his act, I swear, he sounds more and more like grandpa every time he does this, grumpy old fart. I mean, it's like he thinks I can just pull a wad of hundred dollar bills outta my butt and move out! I would if I could, good lord I need to win the lottery... :S
majorlarryoneironaut majorlarryoneironaut
Dec 9, 2012