Control Freaks!

This is the story of Mr.Know-It-All@ Mr.Always-Right.
I hate my dad because he thinks that he is the purest person in the world. It's so ******* hard to please him because he is so ******* prejudice. He is so ******* judgmental. He is so ******* ironic. He keeps giving me advices and motivation but he, himself sucks at it. I hate my dad so much when he scold my mom. My dad thinks that he is a well-mannered person. Duhhhh! (He does raise his voice to people when talking at phone). I hate him because he always takes control of everything. I don't have any chance to choose what I want to be, and what I like. My social life sucks because of you, daddy! You think that you're the coolest and greatest dad. No, daddy! You aren't!
MissThomYorke MissThomYorke
Dec 9, 2012