Can You Please Just Leave Us, We Are So Much Better W/o You

I hate my f-ing 'father'. He is damn annoying and he gets on my nerves. He disgust me. He is a disgrace to the human society. Nobody in the world likes or loves him. All my aunties uncles relatives dislike him. Even his own family dislike him. Because he is a hypocite and a liar. Heis damn lazy and does not have a stand for himself. Sometimes I feel tht the things he bosses me my siblings n my mum are the things he shd be doing for himself. He cnt leave the country because he is in debt. Tht pg7 why I love to travel away frm my country during the holidays tgt with my mum n siblings. so we dbould get away frm tht piece of **** mess. If only he would get a job. Idk why he quit his last job, it was gd money. He is dumb like hell. People say once bitten twice shy. Not for him. this is the 4th or 5th time he quits? Like wtf?!!! Hello shithead, are u so damn rich tht u cn just quit yr job whenever u want to?! Hell NO! I hate him. He shdnt have married or had kids. So he could ruin his own worthless life and no one would give a ****. Because you made the world your enemy with your endless critiscisms and stupid rules. You just DIE. You heartless beast. When your sister's daughter was in the hospital u nvr bothered. Why the hell do u think people shd bother with your miserable life. They care because of mum ok. They love her more than they care bout you, their biological brother. So please stop controlling other people's life and take charge of yours first!
With the hatred of a thousand souls frm hell,
Your eldest daughter.
thelostgirlq thelostgirlq
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

My dad gets on my nerves too like a lot actually pretty much every day

Yeah same for me too. (: heh.