My Father Is A Drug Addict !!!!!!!

I hate my Father
Im a 14 years old boy and I usually studying .My father is a drug addict.I used to know it when im in sixth grade im 11 years old that time.Many struggles came pass and it usually Break my feelings and my mom.Now im in the 3rd year of highschool currently an honor student.My classmates always said that im Lucky but deep inside theyre wrong they don’t know what im facing,They don’t know what im Thinking and They don’t know what im experiencing.I wrote this to inspire many people that like me that have a father that a drug addict.My father goes worst,I don’t want to see him dying,I love him,I care for him and I want him to change.My mother said that before he became a drug addict He is a good person,good husband and good son But now he change he never attend or go to church that he always do before.He is so jealous to other guys but he don’t have a reason to do that because my mother so much love him even he is a drug addict, He always Shout at me,mother and my two siblings.Im so insecure in my classmate that have their good father and always there at their sides,im always thinking that if I have a father that good im so lucky but its not im so unlucky,im so depress and when im thinking that my father die slowly my tears went down and I cry in a single moment and I know that I will pass the struggles in my life I know im a strong person and I want him to change to have a better life.My father goes worst and worst.He is now so violent,sometimes hes like a crazy .Every night is a nighmare in me im so scared that he will kill us because he is a drug addicts nobody knows what he will do Everynight I make a prayer to god that please give him second chance to change.I hate my father but I can give him a second chance.If he can read this I hope he will change I hope he will love us and I hope he will change and I hope that is my wish to come true this Christmass.!!!
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Wait do any of our dads know about this blog?

i dunno know :3

I am very upset and concerned for you and your family you say you never know what he may do, kill you? If it is as bad as you say your Mom and family need to get away from him it's not your fault he is a drug addict. He is sick and needs medical help but he may not want help. In the meantime I need you and your Mom to make to take action, if need be contact your school counselor, when a child is in danger it is the school's obligation to contact the proper agency to follow up. You are probably afraid to do this since your dad probably will get violent? Meet with your Mom to come up with a plan now, a plan to get away from him, this has to happen! you sound like a sweetheart I hope you and Mom will be okay, hope you have a Merry Christmas and a better new year.