My father is an alcoholic maniac. He has hit me many times and never remembers it. When I confront him, he screams and says as many insults he can think of. He directs all of his rage and aggression at me. I am 25 and moved out of the house long ago, but he still finds a way to ruin my life. I give him chance after chance and he breaks my heart every time. Today while driving and trying to have a nice day together, he started on some rant and decided it would be better to fling the door open and try to jump out then be in the car with me. I had to grab hold of his arm and pull as hard as I could while I'm still driving. Is it bad that I wanted to push him? Why do I have so much hate and anger towards him yet I prevented him from getting hurt?
alj817 alj817
Dec 15, 2012