A Nightmare That Never Goes Away

When I was 6 my dad and mom broke up because he cheated I never understood but 2 years later they got back together he usually gets drunk and yells at my mom about how horrible me and my sister cynthia are but not my little one. It went so far that my older sister held a knife to her throught but I got it away from her. I tried running away. Ut I couldnt do that to my mom or sister they need me so I stayed. Another 2 years he put bruises on me and my mom. But I forgave him for some reason on my 15th b-day the day before he was drunk and told me and my sister he hated us and never cared for us because were evil and evil people go to hell and I only love your little sister brianna cause she is special not you two.........I felt like I wanted to die for myself and for my sister because she Dept more than me shes the oldest I'm middle yesturday he hit my sister cynthia I tried to stop him so he pushed me up against the wall and was hurting my arms so I wouldn't move and was yelling in my face my mm pushed him away and I want nothing with him not picking me up afterschool not getting a ride on late arrivals I'm done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dec 15, 2012