Alcoholic Dad...

My dad is an alcoholic. A few years ago, my mum promised my dad to cancel a show because he was ill, but she never got round to doing it. He tries to make her life miserable ever since. He drinks like every night, he says stuff like "You never think about me, you never put me first !" to my mum. He is lazy, he can't even be bothered to get up and look for a phone number. He has back problems, but even when something is like 1 meter from the floor he just HAS to call one of us to pick it up for him. We're like his maids, or his butlers.
Some nights, he asks my mum to cook something that takes a bit of time to do, so we all have to wait for his dinner to be ready. And then, as he's drunk, he's not hungry anymore so he just leaves his food ! He does that practicly every night. He drives me, my sister, and my mum CRAZY.
One night, I wasn't very hungry so i didn't eat a lot. My mum asked me if I wanted anthing else to which I said "No thank you". My dad then said " Think about the children in Africa who don't have anything to eat, you have it right in front of you and you're letting it go to waste !".
And the other night, we were going to a party for a friend of my parents' birthday, and before we even left (Before 7:30pm) he was already fairly drunk. When we got there me and my sister were bored to death but my dad just kept on drinking ! He made his glass fall and break and he embarrassed us. My mum really wanted to enjoy herself and have fun, but he ruined everything and we had to leave after only 2 hours of being there.
That night my mum wanted to kill him, she said that if we weren't here she would, but she loves us too much. My dad gave her some roses (Probably the first or second time since they met) and my mum was cutting the heads of them. I don't like seeing my mum so miserable and I don't want my dad to drink alcohol. My mum doesn't want to divorce, nothing will convince her to do that. And I mean, he didn't even buy her a Christmas present !!!
I hate him so much sometimes!
What should we/she/I do ?!
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My dad is also an alcoholic I feel sorry for u