Just Leave Already .

I used to be daddys girl when i was younger . Until i found out that he would cheat on My mom , ever since i Found out he treats me different. He tried buying off With money but Seeing that it didnt work he became cruel towards me , when i Turned About 14 he would say that i Was crazy and that i was hoe who slept around , i Started going To a cristian church With my Friend and Her family but When he found out who i was hanging out with he told her family fake stories bout how i Did things i didnt even Do . And that iwas just using Them , now i Am 17 whenever im not home he tells The family how i prostitute myself and that to not let my cousins hang out with me . He ruined all my relationship With my friends And family , my mother is Always on His side And never trys to listen to me , i bought a baby pit with my birthday money and he told everyone how a guy probably didnt have enough money To pay me So he gave me the puppy , he made Me give it away or else he Was gona kill her . I became pregnant By my boyfriend and my first week of my pregnancy he beat me , not knowing That i was pregnant i Thought he couldnt hurt me , two days Ago i lost my baby , its the Worst Thing i Have ever gone threw . He didnt just hurt me but he hurt my baby , he said hes happy i lost it . thats something im never going to forgive him about , and My mother because she just Stood there And watched . Iv been hiding my relationship with my boyfriend because im scared of losing the only person who has been There for Me . 10 more months to go Till i Turn 18 .
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I'm so sorry : (

I'm sorry he did that to your baby and for the baby pit u got

Im so sorry. I know your pain. I moved away from my horrible cheating father when i was 16. he still came to my home and beat me in front of my bf. He then sent me a letter disowning me. he has disowned me 3 times in my life. each time, returning with an apology and a gift that later he would claim i owed him for. I am now 48 , he is dying and still letting me know how much i still owe him !! Ive never borrow anything from him. I owe him nothing but a simple thank you for the ***** you gave to my mothers egg. my mother has always turned a blind eye to it all. I do live a very happy life. I moved far away and get hurtful emails about once a month. I will be relieved the day he is gone, it will be over. I wish we could all have wonderful loving , caring parents. we cant. but we are given an example of the type of parent we would never be. I had a son when i was 20 . he is the most compassionate and kind man ! I never hit him or made him feel less than wonderful. so please, look at your ****** up life as a lesson in what you would never do. learn from it and be a much better person because of it. It will always sting that you were not loved like the precious child you were. but you can create a much better life for you . wishing you much love and joy in your life