My Father Is The Worst

Back then we lived a simple and happy life..
When my parents broke up, then myFather started getting rich.
He Became the Tormentor of my life. He Started with hanging out with rich friends he maid me and brother act like everything's okay while at back of the kitchen he throws the food at us for not dressing nicely. He cuts our allowance and blames that we pay to much of school! I never wanted to be on my fathers side I ran away as much as I could, still I end up going back because my mother doesn't have enough money to provide for us. And now recently he's scaring us like he said he would throw us in the streets if we dont follow according to his rules.
THE WORST PART everytime his friends are there,
His like a totally different person!!!
His blabbing oh I love my kids I'll pay any price for them to have a good future BULLSHIT!
That's all I can say... I hate it when I have to force myself to be someone else just to please him, where in fact I'm dying of depression deep inside.
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3 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Unfortunately you need to be supported financially until you are 18 and then you can leave and support yourself without his permission. If you can support yourself today then you can be emancipated from him in court. Life can be as bad or as ok as you want in this situation. If you cant afford to be on your own then make a decision to just behave until you can. Dont fight it. Just go to school, get good grades, fake being happy (it might rub off and it would make it better emotionally). He will regret his behavior later on in life. but if you just do yourself a favor, be good to yourself. He will wonder what is going on and you can keep him guessing. Smile but dont give up the secret until you turn 18 and then LEAVE. and dont go back. Fighting and behaving in a negative manner will only aggravate the situation. Good luck. I hope you understood exactly what I meant here. Life goes by very quickly. Every year you are alive is faster than the year before. Just relax and use this as an opportunity to get what you get educated so you can either go to college and get a great job someday or just to get a great job after school. You can be the winner here. Just use your head wisely.

I'm very sorry for you. I know whats it like having to force yourself to be someone else just to please them. if you need someone to talk to, you can message me. I hope everything turns out alright for you and your brother. Stay strong <3

I know the feeling. It is very frustrating, to act perfect in front of guests. :/