The Nothing

wean i was i kid my dad hit me a lot yelled no one care one day the nothing happen i want  dark inside sad dead fillings of nothings happens
i am sweet and full light and fill supper good  after i come on the site thanks EP
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I'm sorry hon I don't quite get the parallel to Dr. Who as I have never seen the show But I have an idea and my own parallel to draw is it like when we first met Darth Vader in a new hope?

Quinn Dear I hope that we can open you up once again and let you feel the life you are meant to have the happy glow you show in your stories means there is something there. Your not dead inside just hiding to protect yourself you will bloom and grow and when you do your life will be full I promise. I have seen but never experienced abuse so I know nothing of what you went through but I do empathize and wish I could just hold you and comfort you.

My father was an alcoholic and used to beat us with his belt until the day, when I was 16, I stood up to him and knocked him on his *** with one punch

I am all woman now and will be forever. I have found a man who has a feminine side too and he has asked me to be his wife.

Giggle, I will keep you all informed