He is giving away things of mine with sentimental value ... My first Halloween costume. My baby blanket. My onesie with my name airbrushed on it. I wanted those as keepsakes... Those meant a lot to me. He is an unsentimental, low, idiotic, alcoholic, mother f***ing, monster.
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that worthless peice of ****

Dear readers,
If you have not read my other stories please do so and you might understand where I'm coming from

You'd need to provide links for most of us, you're underage.

Oh, that's just a phase. You shouldn't hate him, ONLY, because of that, and it's only because of that? Those things have sentimental value to you? Yes? Then, did you ever tried to talk with him? Or your Mother? Someone will heard you, but you'll need to express things better! You cannot hate your father because of's "selfish"But i don't believe you hate him, only because of that (3rd time i said that here)...As i said, try to have a talk with him and/or your mother about your things. Say you want to keep those things for memories, what if work? who knows!

Please don't take this the wrong way but read my other stories and you might just understand

Oh! I'm just SO sorry! Really, it wasn't intended....i tried to read your other stories here, but the Site just Blocked.

We have the same age, yet, different problems.
I never has meet my Dad, and, like, my *whole* life I'm living with my Stepfather.

Your Father reminds me of my Stepfather, but mine is more abusive...actually, they both are abusive.
I living with my Stepfather since i was 7, and i got beaten, like, everyday.
He was alcoholic, too. That's why your father reminds me of my Stepfather...they both has fallen on that "world of nothing"

Can you add me? So we can both talk via Private Message. I want to talk with you, here...i want someone to talk here, and i think we can be friends

And, yes, I'm the same age as you. I'm 15, my Profile just show 18-21, because i can read other things here on EP.

Again, I'm really, really sorry that i doubted you...

You can read my Story here:

Sorry to hear that. :( He has no right to give away things that do not belong to him. *hugs*

Thank you *hugs back*