Developements On The Full History

I was tired of getting shouted at for absolutely everything from the weather to laundry to water temperature to dishes so today I answered back... None too kindly. Dear old daddy went on the rampage and sent my brother upstairs to summon me (like a dog) to go downstairs and talk to them. I refused so my paternal gene donor came up the stairs and banged on my door roughly, shouting at me to open. I refused. He shouted some more. Said he was my father and he was telling me to open. I told him to act like one and I would. He threatened to kick the door down. I told him it was his house and he was free to do as he pleased. He screamed and said it was his house and if I couldn't listen to him then I should get out of his house. I said fine. He said open the door. I said no. He started kicking the door. Dust started falling. He kept kicking. My brother came up and talked him down. He then tried to get me to open the door but its just not happening. So he called my sister, she came out and immediately my dad shouted at the two of them saying they were the bad influences who were making me act like that. But when my sister asked him what exactly she did, he didn't have an answer. He went off storming downstairs shouting that he couldn't live like this being defied in his own house. My mum pulled out the old ''his stress and hypertension are very high, its not good'' excuse that she's been using since 12 years before I was born. (It stopped having an impact on me about 3 years ago) And the house has been relatively quiet since. I'm staying with a friend of mine in debt for a while. I cannot live in this house much longer. I revisited old suicidal thoughts after that fight and I have no intention of dying before I visit Spain so I think the best thing for me (as always) is to leave this house and not return.
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o my god!! me too! lifes a *****! excuse me language

lol Everybody's always telling me that like I haven't tried a million times. How it goes is, I'm always wrong, I never listen to them, they are my parents and I am supposed to listen to them. They are always right no matter what, the bible says obey your parents, this is their house and I must always do what they say no matter what. I'm just over it. My sister said I was rude, well so what. He wasn't polite all those times he was calling me a failure and blaming me for everything. So maybe its about time I stood up to a big bully.