I Hate My Piece Of **** Dad

Dad, Dad, Dad. where on earth do i begin. I hate you, truly and honestly. most people think "oh, its a phase, shes just a teenager, she doesn't understand". but they're wrong. oh so wrong. One minute, im having my hair being ripped out by its roots, screamed at by how im so stupid, a little *****, and mum too saying i look like a ****, and BOTH of those sad excuses of a human being tormenting me my whole life, expecting me to actually LOVE them when only five minutes earlier i was being screamed at or told how stupid i am or im a little *****. And overreacting to EVERY LITTLE THING. like, i took your stupid iphone off charge when it was on 99% and you went off at me because apparently, thats how you ruin the battery. And i hardly ask for anything, if it were up to me i'd stay in my room all bloody day, and whenever you waltz in here thinking i'd be happy to see you or something when instead i just ask "what do you want?" because i know youre evil. tell me this. is it normal for a thirteen-year-old girl to flinch every time her own father moves? is it normal for two year old me to have CONSTANT nightmares about how her parents are evil? is it normal for a child to try to RUN AWAY from home? is it normal for me to fear your reaction to every thing i do? and then when you try and talk to me about the cuts on my wrist, you think im actually going to TELL you why? as if. you can DREAM ON. i love being away from home, i love school, i would rather be anywhere but here. you always tell me everything is my fault. if everything is my fault, i should probably just GET THE **** OUT so you stop blaming me. you always act like im the worst daughter ever, and i probably am, but i dont give a **** because with a father like you, what can i expect? always telling me to go do stuff, go clean this go get my shoes and IM SICK OF IT. one of these days i'll show you. one of these days ill go stick this **** up your ***. and the worst part is, when i say i hate you, i mean it, and i only say it because you hate me. actions speak louder than words. so whenever you say the words "i love you" no matter how many times you say it i will never ever ever ever believe you.

**** you dad. **** you mum. i hate you both. so bad.
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Jan 10, 2013