He Acts Like A Child And Never Stops Ridiculing My Brother

He never does anything useful around the house besides telling the rest of us what to do, and he always is rude to my mother. And aside from that, the way he acts towards my brother is horrible. My brother was never the son he wanted, nor am I (his daughter). He wanted the star football player son who became an engineer, and my brother is the son afflicted with severe ADD, ADHD, Kleinfelter's Syndrome, and Aspergers. My dad and my brother never get along. My dad hates my brother, and speaks to him rudely and never gives him any credit. My brother hates my dad, now, too.
My dad hates his life and I think that's why he sometimes hates us. He never really was that interested in me as a child, because I wasn't the boy he wanted. He never taught me to fish, never bought me legos. I could have been an engineer but was never given any time, because I was female. My dad just loves gender stereotypes, you can see it between my mother and him. They both feel that way though. I'm tired of it.
And I'm tired that they both laugh at me when I try to express a new interest in something.
I'm really tired. I can't wait to live on my own. Soon enough.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Sorry about your situation, it sounds very claustrophobic. I can't believe your Dad can be so mean to your brother. I hope things get better. I hope you look out for him.