My Dad Is A Dictator.

Its pretty much my fault too, but Im justing sharing this story, maybe to get some advice, or just some tips on what I should do.

Im 16, still with 5 more years to go before Im independent. My Dad has been cheating on my Mom for as long as I know, bringing ladies home and kicking my Mom out of the room occasionally. He is very money-orientated, and decides that I'm not allowed to have a boyfriend at all, believing it will interrupt my future.

But I fell in love with this classmate, and we started dating. My Dad found out and he immediately arranged for a meeting with the parents. After breaking us up and making my boyfriend's parents hate me and my family by announcing that I deserve better since they're 'poor', my phone rights are confiscated and I'm kept at home all day.

And after I got my Olevel results(Singapore) , I went on to seek higher education at a JC. I spoke to my ex-boyfriend over Facebook, and found out that my Dad called his parents and insisted that he did not go to the same JC as me, and his only other choice is to go to a lousier one instead.

I confronted my Dad, he denied doing that but refused to call my ex's parents to clarify it, so I know that he's lying.

So now my ex has to go to a lousier JC if his parents don't want anything more to do with me or my family, and I know that that will hurt my ex's future.

I'm sad, not that I argued with my Dad , or he's being such a *****, its because I've indirectly caused the future of one of the people most dear to me.

So , I hate my Dad. But I need at least 5 more years to get away from him. I'm upset and I don't know what to do. Someone please give me some advice.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

wait why does your ex have to go to a lousier JC? Screw your dad and let your ex go with you...