Dad..i Dont Want One

Yes my dad was never there during most of my childhood days. He always throw his anger from work on my mother and I. He hates me , cause I was an accident . He reminded me of it sometime by being very bitter and say stuff like 'Every time I see you , I want to cry ' and 'The longer you live the more degraded you are'. Sometime I took pity on him , but sometime things get even down the hill. I had a fought with him a week before my final SAT. I tried running away from home, because its full of sorrow, but he found be packing and told me he was going to disown me is I walk out of the door. I had enough playing this family thing , yes I also told him that and he straggled me. The worst thing of all is that my mother and my aunt was watching , didn't even both helping.
ascaniuz ascaniuz
Jan 12, 2013