He Used To Favor Me

The youngest out of my family of 6, I'm his favourite kid since birth. I didn't really like him from the start though, he's bad tempered and beats my mom up time to time. I really dislike him for that. They are now separated for good and I live in my dad's house as my mum went out to venture into business.

During my teenage years we had many conflict. The first few time were minor, we patched up after some time. However It keeps happening and we both started to hate each other. It's not only me, but my siblings too. Once he grabbed my elder sis's hair and gave a tight slap on the face, despite my brother and me trying tk defend her with our body. She cried real badly and left home for a couple weeks before returning. From then I really hated him, I stopped acknowledging him at home and disregarded him as my father. However he always threaten me with finances and I'm helpless. Now I'm just his dog in the house running errands for him when he demanded. I have to say, no rights but to obey. The most enjoyable time was when he wasn't home, out for work.

I really hate him.. I really do.. Can't wait to get enlisted into the army and earn a living myself. Only then I wouldn't feel afraid and worried everything he threatens me with finances..

I want to leave badly..
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Jan 12, 2013