I Hate My Dad

Dear dad,
I hate you for so many reasons. I hate the fact that when you come to my games and i do good l all you do is complain and say that i suck and you say that i suck because if stupid ****. I hate you for ruining my life. When my friends ask me to hang out you say yes and when I'm about to leave you say i cant go anymore. I hate it when you yell at my mom for loving me. I hate that you tease my sister for being fat. I hate that you make fun of my big ears. I hate when you say i like your friends daughter when shes in the same room when i actually dont like her. I hate when you make fun of me in front of my teachers during teacher conferences and then the teachers make fun of me the next day. I hate the fact that when im having fun you have to kill the mood. I hate when i made plans to hang out with my girlfriend you make me cancel because i have one dirty towel on my floor and you say my room is trashed. I hate it when you ruin my weekend and then you try to make it up by talking sweet to me and try to bribe me with money or freedom but when i choose you make me feel horrible. I hate the fact that you yell at me for bying shoes that i need for a sport or the fact that my old ones dont fit me you yell at me so much to the point were i want to cry and leave but then two days later i see you wearing them to work to the store and with your ******* friends without telling me your using my shoes. I hate you so much. I hate when you make me mad and i talk back you get mom to yell at me too and then you make my sister yell at me too. I hate life because of you. You have ruined my life with your stupid comments and actions. I sometimes wish that you werent in my life and the other times i wish i was dead so that you wouldnt have to see me because im such a ******* failure to you. I ask my self what did i do to deserve this treatment. I also ******* hate when you let my sister use MY truck every ******* time!!! Just because im younger than she is i have to let her use every thing! I hate you so much dad. I wish i could die every time you yell at me for stupid things. I wish i could go through one day were im happy and you dont ruin my day
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Jan 12, 2013