I Can't Stand My Dad

I don't know what to do anymore... i hate my dad my mom hates him my sister hates him. he always hits me and yell at me. he always thinks he knows everything than me ( he is retarded, he would fail a mental exam). he made touch his poop for sucking my thumb when i was five and he always threatens me at the stupidest things. he takes my ears twists them and lifts all my body weight by my ears. evrything i have is his and he always wants to know my personal life. he says that we should not gamble, lie, drink, and cheat but he does all thoes things and when we try to call him on it he gets mad and starts hitting us till our faces are numb. he tryed to hand me by my hands on the celling with a wire. when i was younger he dropped me on the head and i spent 2 months of my first year on earth in the hospital and he says that that inccedent made my smarter. he also says that he made me and my sister to serve him. the most annoying thing he does is after he comes home from work he sits on the couch and calls us from the second story to get the tv remote which is usually on the table next to him.

here are all the things i hate about him:

his face
he is fat and he calls me fat too
he's ugly
his hands are huge
he eats like a pig and makes the most disgusting sounds when he eats
he always makes us do his chores because he is too lazy
he invades our privacy
he hurts us when he hits us
he thinks he knows everything
his mouth
his small brain
he says were messy when he is a pig both inside and outside
he is never proud of me
he think i am talentless stupid and fat
he think i am weird
he think he provides for the family well when we can't even pay the bills
everything food he eats even if its ours
he thinks he is better fitter smarter and better looking than everyone on on earth when he is as perfect as a pie of ****.

i hate my dad so much and i always wanted to say something but afraid of getting hurt by him. saying these things feels so good
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

Your dad is messed up, do all you can do to get out of that place. You don't deserve to be treated like that.

Oh my goodness i hate my father to (i don't use the word dad). He used to be abusive but now he just breaks things, punches holes in the walls and has temper tantrums like a child. He thinks everything is a joke and my mom is to scared of him to hate him. I'm sorry we didnt get to chose our parents...When i'm 18 im sooo gone