Anger And Joy

My dad has brought nothing,but Anger and Depression to me...It's either his way or the highway and I think he would throw me out in a heart beat if I don't follow his rules once.It might be F***ed up to say,but when he dies,I'll be happier then most people I know...Sorry just need to find a place to get that off my chest
OldSkoolEmo OldSkoolEmo
22-25, M
1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Maybe this won't help out much but here goes. 1) You and him can attempt to have a heart to heart talk or 2) you and him need time apart. I think both could be beneficial. I'm just saying with sincerity. :D

I've tried that,but honestly,trying again I guess couldn't hurt hopefully...I mean I'm gonna have issues,but I will try and I do wanna say thank you for the advise

Yes if all else fails. Just leave him alone. If things continue to be difficult, it's not worth getting your feelings hurt over. Though that might happen anyway but yeah...