I Want My Father Out Of My Life!

My father is a cruel, manipulative, and hateful person. He is a verbally abusive person. He's been like that to my mom my whole life. He's thrown my pregnant mom out on the street simply because he "could not handle being a dad with my mom anymore". Afterward he kicked me and my brother out of the house simply because of an argument we had over soccer! We moved in with my mother afterward. A year later we moved back in to the house he had kicked us out of on the promise he was moving out to another apt. He came back of course; without any of us letting him stay, he blackmailed my mom into letting him back into the house. He threatened to call the police on me for smoking marijuana, a habit which he got me into at the age of 13. Things were ok for a while, until he felt that my brother disrespected him. He broke a glass cup and commanded my brother to pick it up. When he refused he kicked him out again and I followed afterward because of my supporting my brother. Again my mother and my brother and 2 little sisters moved out and into an apt. Another year later my mom was fooled into moving us back in with him. Recently I got into it with him over him insulting me in front of a friend. A day later it escalated, he shouted at me and called me many insults. I tried to keep my cool until I blew up back at him. He punched me in the face and my younger brother managed to separate us. I called the police on him, but now he is out again and back in the house. I have a protective order on him, but I still don't feel comfortable or safe in the house. Nobody does. I can't move out because I have no income. I want him out of my life. Help!
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Jan 18, 2013