Sometimes I Do

he is 679 miles away from me, we see each other a month or less in a year he lives in another country and i'm greatful for everything he has done to me , his problem is that he gets mad very fast and stop picking up my phone calls and blame me for not asking for his news he likes to feel that he is the boss and he likes to control me and my mother oherwise he don't support us financially he would love to see me begging for his frogievness and he likes to remaind me that i'am the one who needs him not the contraire he is narrow minded
and narcessic, he makes my mum feel like crap and he didn't stand for her when she had cancer he is cold he wanted a boy he loves me but not like he should sometimes i feel that he want me to suffer because i didn't go through what he had when he whas young i don't know the real him i don't want to end up being his slave i'd like them to leave me alone
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18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013