Dr. Frankenstein Is The Real Monster

My earliest memory of my father is running from him. He chases me, hand raised, catches me and beats me. I cry.
This man is a doctor. Luckily, he doesn't care for your mother, your daughter, your son or your dog, unless they're incarcerated. He works in a prison. Sometimes I think that's where he belongs. He has physically and psychologically abused me as far back as I can remember. He is still married to my mother, who denies the abuse.
My father is a genius, yet he is a dumb bastard. He is well read, a proficient writer, and yet he is a child. He favors my brother, whose intelligence barely exceeds the lowest level of normality and who often medicates with drugs and alcohol. It has always been this way. I've come to the conclusion that it is because I was born a female. As a child I tried to be a boy so that he would love me too. He was ashamed of me. He was embarrassed that I cut my hair and wore only boys clothing. I realized he would never love me, no matter who I was.
As a toddler I was molested. Raped. When I told my father, he said nothing. No apology for his absence, he shed one single tear. Later, he attempted to force me to accept an apology from my cousin, the rapist. I refused, and he persisted. I threatened to run away. That year I spent Thanksgiving alone. My mother, father and brother attended Thanksgiving at the home of my uncle, where cousin rapist still lived. To this day, my father spends time with them than he does with me. I hate him and I hate any part of me that resembles him. He created a monster. What a shame that he couldn't love me.
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3 Responses Jan 20, 2013

A man like that deserves to be tied up bound gaged and beaten. And that cousin rapist deserves to have his penis cut off and shoved up his *** to see how he likes it

Wow. I couldn't bare to read that without a tear, I do love my father but.. He can be unfair with me, I thought my life was bad with my father, I was wrong.. Very wrong.. I am 14 years old, and I cannot believe you are such a strong woman, I bet you are a intelligent, beautiful, loving woman ❤

I don't know if I can find a way to get you out of your place. My heart weeps for you. Believe me, this world is a better place than that. Life is much more beautiful than that. I hope you find a way to live by yourself and be away from this monster.