ever since i was seven i have hated my "father"
i could see though his lies. he was useing my mother for his own personal gain.
he was the most vile man if ive ever seen one. the way he could lie so flawlessly mad me sick! the way my mother fell rite in his trap. when i was 9 he divorced my mother that was the best day of my life. then it happened agin he relizes he need my mom since he couldn't fend for himself, he didn't know how to clean or even cook a meal but nor the less he figured out a way to slither his way back. i wish i could get the nerve to say that i know his game to say that your a lieing scum bag that needs to die
every day after school when i was on the bus i sat there dreading coming home dreading y first step into what i called "home". i was yelled at scolded threatened of my own existence for just drawing i never knew there were people with as much hate as him in the world the neglect the hurt the pain i felt every day of my life. my mother was blind with her love for him that she couldn't see he was lieing to her. every time he lied to her i could see his eyes, that smirk on his face i could tell he was proud of himself for pulling of this sherade. all i wanted was for him to die!
do you know what its like to have a 61 year old father when everybody else has a 30 year old father? well it sucks.... he is an evil shrewd discriminated man
i hate how he had the audacity to sit there and crush my hopes my life my dreams into millions of pieces! there
s nothing i wouldn't do to have another father on that actully had emotion......
Jacqueline2000 Jacqueline2000
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

You're very young, to have such knowledge of lies and trickery... Does he cheat on your mother, spread rumors about her or steals her money? I find it hard to imagine what you could be meaning with these lies.
Nevertheless, if you have such strong hate for him for so long already, there probably is some good reason for it. I hope you'll find a solid way to deal with it, and I wish you all the best.