My Biological Dad

the key words to this is " I HATE MY BIOLOGICAL DAD!!". he has made my life a living hell coming into my life and leaving like my life is a game. when it isn't i deserve to have a normal life but i don't thanks to him. i hate him so much i just wish he would leave me alone. but there is a down side to him leaving, him leaving means my brother and sister leave too. i love them so much they deserve i better life. the only happy time my brother has is when he is at school, with his friends. he is so much like me it just makes me want to cry. he hates his life he just doesn't wanna be here anymore, and this kid has only just started school he is in yr 1. year one and wanting to die so pretty much as soon as he learnt the word DIE he has wasnted it. my dad deserves to die he killed my oldest brother physicly and is killing my youngest brother mentally.i just want my dad to leave but i can't let him. i want him to just leave my brother, sister and me alone. give us all another chance at life.
lillyianmay lillyianmay
13-15, F
Jan 23, 2013