Dear Dad

The reason why I am such a "horrible," child is not because of my top 100 in America high school, the group of friends I hang out with, or because I spend too much time on the computer. The reason is because of you. Because were a terrible parent. You were never there for me. All you woul do is ***** about how I would play video games too much. Every single day. That was your idea of parenting. you would try and controll it and thats all you would do. I would ask you to go places with me. like the park, or go hiking, or anything. Just so you would spend time with you but you were too busy. At least for me you were. For David you weren't. You would always spend time with him and talk to him and laugh with him becuase you actually loved him. Not me. Just because I wasnt in to sports doesnt give you an excuse to not love me. You always call me a failure and say how terrible of a child you are. Do you know how terrible it is for your own father to hear, "I failed as a parent." Every single time i see you. IT makes me feel like ****. Its obvious you failed but that doesnt mean im a bad kid. Im a great kid. Im aamazing. I just wish i wasnt your child. because you're horrible. and selfish. All you are to me is a bank, a chauffer, and a ***** doner. thats all you are. you have done absolutely nothing. all you do is make excuses. everything you do. you can never own up to your own mistakes. you can never say its your own fault. As soon as i get a source of my own money i will NEVER talk to you again. I hate you. HATE HATE HATE. GENUINE HATE.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 23, 2013