I Hate Him!!

I hate my dad soo much.. Hes made my life hell.. There are many times where i would just sit there and wish with all my heart that he would just drop dead, so i can finally be free and happy.. Even in the best days, like when he bought me a car, i still hated him.. Hes a horrible, sad and ****** up man.. who has nothing better to do than make people feel like ****, or rather his family.. I hear my mum crying most nights because of him, i just wish she can be happy, but theres nothing i can do... The happiest day of my life would be when i'm a thousand miles away from him, where i know he can't hurt me or put me down.. and the worst day of my life was when i found out that he was my dad!!!!!!!!
Christine4 Christine4
18-21, F
3 Responses May 28, 2007

i want to talk to somebody i have the same feeling as u, help me please

I feel the exact same way, my dad wants someone to control in his life and he chooses me, to make me as unhappy as he is. Ive seen my mother cry because of him when she was alive but I gotta remember that its MY LIFE that means hes not in control of my emotions and I try my best to be happy and not let him be the one to bring me down

Well the best thing to do when someone is causing crap in your life is to put up boundaries and keep them out of your life. Your mother should do the same as you once you move out when you are older. No use living a life of pain when you can get away from it.