Feels Like My Dad Thinks Of Me Like A Piece Of Garbage... story starts like this: my life was normal when i was born until i turned 3 years old...the saddest thing happened to mom decided that we should move to canada and live and find a job and stuff but my... idiot father complelty didnt agree with my mom and thought it was better to stay in lithuania ( its where we were from ) so my parents began screaming at each other and swearing trying to agree which option was better but all this finished was with packed lageges, my mom upset and me and my brother and mom leaving all alone ( my parents became divorced)... many years later my mom raised me and my older brother by her self... it was difficult the first years for my mom because she didnt know any english...and people teased her for the way she was sad...anyways, my mom tryed to find work while my brother went to high school and learned and my father never called us to ask how are we and if we needed any money for food, clothing (etc). after about 6 years my brother began working and earning money for us and by then my grandma moved to live with us but i always thought about my dad... my dad was the one who left us and forgot about us... he made us angry... he brang sorrow into my heart for 11 years since i last saw him... now i became even more depressed when he found himself a " new " wife and had a baby son...
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Thats sad that he never tought about you in all those years!

I still so sad because of that....

I am in a situation pretty similar to yours! I saw my father the last time round 6 years ago! But I had to be taken away from him because he was, lets say not the best dad!
I allways tought why is he like that? Why did he never loved me? Could he not try to change and show me that he is sorry about everything? And just show me a bit that he is my father?
But no, he is as he is! And over the years I pushed him out of my heart and mind and now I dont care anymore!
I dont even hate him anymore! I feel really kind of sorry for him, because he messed up his life and he messed up my life! And so he never could see how much fun he could have had with his son!
I know it want help you right now! But just enjoy your life, enjoy it with people you like and push your father aside because your dark toughts against him could poison your whole life and stop you from having fun!
Sadly I was there and hated for years at the end I hated myself

thanks...but i poison myself with bad thoughts...