Im Sik of It

ok well monday is my birthday and todia i was supose to go out with one of my friend cuz she wudnt be here on monday for my bady,,so i ask my mom if i cud go,,adn she said yea,,so i got all ready all excited,,,and thn i hear my dad callin me,,so i went and say yea?,,he starts sayin who the *** told u that u can goout,,i was like mom did,,hes like who do u think she is,,why the *** wud u ask her nad not me,,,i did nto say nun cuz ic ant say nun or eles he wud hit me,,,hes like who the *** told u that u can have a canadian friend ,,,hes like dont fukni listen to ur mom if she lets u go out,,hes like go tell ur friend right now that u cant go anywhere,,so he wont let me go out anymore,,thats how he terast me durinmy bday,,,after all the stuff i do for him,,i dont smoke, drink,,party,,im plain ot og to university,,i onli have to nice close friends,,adn thast how he repays me,,its liek he is the king,,me ,my bros and my mom cant do nun,,or say anything..i hate him so much right now.
areena areena
18-21, F
Jun 2, 2007