What Kind of Dad Is This!

I'm going through some very bad time in my life, ALL because of my dad, and currently I'm stuck... I meant out of school and jobless, and right now I’m helping him decorating this house he just bought in Shanghai because he’s in NYC doing business. I’m almost 18 and I have to act as a 25 year old in the outside world. And Instead of understanding my feelings, every time I have a conversation over the phone with him, he starts to say things like “you’re useless” and begins to call me some really bad names… WHAT THE ****!! Parents aren’t supposed to lower your self-confident or Self-esteem!!!??? Sometimes I’m actually proud of myself for the stuff I’m doing! I’m not even an adult yet and I’m doing something most of people in my age can’t accomplish! And there he goes… Just drop a bomb from nowhere! I’m trying pretty hard to solve my own issues and I have to deal with his problems too? The worst part is instead of saying “Thanks for the help” He just takes all his problems on me… I wish I had a loving family… and that’s only 1 reason why I hate my father. I guess the only support I'll get is from my mom and God. PS: Sorry for the 200+ words xD
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props for your mom.

sometimes my mom is the only thing that keeps me and my dad from fighting an all-out brawl.

i hate him so much

props for your mom.

sometimes my mom is the only thing that keeps me and my dad from fighting an all-out brawl.

i hate him so much

i have perfect grades. always top 5 in the class of 80 complete AIEEE geniuses. either ways, i am treated as a liability, a waste. a dog would have been treated college i am treated like a born genius by my friends and even by my teachers.My friends always ask my advice if in need of any. yet my father scolds me even for drinking water against his will. but i have learnt that it is the way he treats u that can be changed but it ur ability to understand wht a lame *** son of ***** he is.

and for that i have come with a solution.

1) V imp. NEVER CRACK A JOKE. Never smile infront of him. but dont look at him frowning.

2) Only respond to what he says.

3) Do not express ur opinion unless asked. and when asked be firm and tell him what u think. no uh.. or hmm.... And never answer by saying "i don't know". [NEVER]

4) Avoid looking at him at all times. it helps by thinking "he is not a person but a ghost"

5) Avoid staying within his presence. if he's in the hall . get out.

6) If abused don't look at him.just nod and mind ur own business.

7) try to avoid the usual abuses. by cleaning ur room. important point: he will look for several ways to find faults. and at these times. get out of his vicinity.

5th point is the most important of all. And Trust me if these dont work nothing will. 17 years of experience..... ill know.

i even had time make my own website now. look

wow that really sucks... My father thinks I'm not "good enough" for anything

good thing you have a good mom.. I'm confused by my parents actions.. intention and action doesn't always fall in place.. sucks a lot..