Nobody Understands Me!

My Dad is the best dad ever! I love him sooooo much and i do stuff with him EVERY day! He is alwys there for me and he never has arguments with me. He is NOT wasting all our money on his stupid job. In fact my Mum and I think it's gonna turn out fine!    

Ok... now the real story....

My dad sucks! he hates me, i hate him. The last time we did something together was... 21 days ago! When he does something to me and i do it to him he goes crazy! e.g. when he was talking to someone else (on the phone) and i say "what happened" and he says "it's got nothing to do with you" and when I talk to someone and put the phone down and he asks the qu. and i say what he said he goes ******* mad and has a go @ me! He is spending all our money on his investments he has put in 6.5 million pounds into it and will it turn out fine NO!



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1 Response Jul 13, 2007

i'm sorry things arent great with you dad. it's not great for me either. it's okay to not like you dad. dont feel like your missing out on something big by not getting along. i dont speak with my dad and i'm perfectly happy!