Doesn't Everyone?...

Doesn't everyone?
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No, I DON'T!

Of course there are situations when I don't understand him... but I know we're different in many ways though we share similarities.


my father has physically and emotionally attacked me over the years. we do drugs together to get along. hes a peice of **** though he tries and its pathetic.

The fact that I get ignored and treated like I'm less than a person because I have a speech impediment by my father is the reason I hate him. He could care less that I struggle to speak, have no friends nor a social life, or value anything I try to say. He's even openly admitted that he wishes he had another son because he sees nothing in me that he can be proud of. Thanks a lot Dad, you're the greatest...

I do NOT like my dad!He always get mad for little things and start yelling at me or anybody.I think even his boss...Anyways he is fudge-ing *@#$%!

I hate my dad. He's just a huge *** calling me stupid, irresponsible and lazy. Clearly, he never understands how I feel and he's just making my depression WORSE. He kicked my leg and I can't even walk for a week. I love my mom more than him. If Father's day comes, nothing will happen.

I love my mom more than him too.And he calls me lazy and words I don't like and always blames me and think im the trouble but im really not because he's actually the trouble and problem

I hate my dad too.. hes the reason i suffer everyday.. mostly anyway.

wow! are so many men such poor parents? for everyone to hate their dad? crazy! if you could reprogram him how would he be?

I just wanna say that I am so glad I don't have a dad. I know it's an odd or maybe horrible thing to say but thank goodness my mom was a single mom. In turn, I will never want to have kids ever. I will never want to mess up my kids like I've seen many other dads messed up theirs. Never.

I feel sorry 4 u. I hate my dad and I have wished the same thing since I was 3 years old... I wish I can have a caring dad for 1 day so I can experience if for once. I wonder what it is like...

I'm sorry you've had to go through all that, it must have been horrible. I can relate to a lot of what you talked about, and I was wondering if we could connect over email and perhaps share some thoughts and experiences. I would really appreciate it, and I think venting about it could be good for both of us.

When I think about people loving their dad it honestly grosses me out. I know it's just because I don't understand it, though. If either my step-dad or real dad ever call me sweety, honey, or any sort of endearment, I become furious and disgusted. If they ever try to kiss or hug me, I feel sick to my stomach. When I get married, I will say **** tradition, nobody owns me so there will be no father to "give me away".

Actually, no. Shocking, I know!!

I hate my dad because what he has done to me and my family. I hope one day I will find a surrogate father who will treat me with love and be the father I know every girl deserves!

Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.<br />
<br />
Forgiveness will set YOU free. Its true...really!

i hate my dad too.. <br />
I hate my grand father too..<br />
But im focusing myself on the love of the Father.. Who is in heaven. He is our real dad.. Our dadcl here on earth cannot be perfect no matter what.. But the love of our Father in heaven is perfect n wonderful

no, not at all.. anyway, what is it all about? haha... :)

I hate my father. But he was an abusive, drunken *****. He used to tell my little sister that he wasn't her father. I couldn't count the times he broke something over my back or the back of my head. When I was younger, I had no idea what was going on, but looking back, he used to sexually abuse my mother. The times I would find her crying after they came out of their bedroom... He has calmed down in his later years. I think it was probably being diagnosed with uncontrollable type II diabetes. I don't think he wants to die having everyone in his family hating him, which is pretty much unavoidable. My favorite grandfather, his father, won't even speak to him. Though he has become better lately, I still can't help but hate him for the man he used to be, because I honestly feel the man he is now is just a mask. I know he is still the same.

It's a different type of hate. Not the kind of hate for not being able to go out to a party, but for just being who they are or doing what they did. <br />
It's a very different.


But some are worse than others

Seems like a lot of men who are messed up are also dads. There are a few good dads, but most of them seem to be messed up.

I love my father. He is so good to me and patient with the weirdness in my head.

i know people who love their fathers, and i know those who hate them. i hate my father. he left my mum after cancer surgery and didn't give a damn what'll happen to us. of course, the media only show you "loving and caring daddies" with their daughters and how happily they're living together. it's wrong to hate your father if he hurt you because "after all, it's your dad!" but it's not wrong to treat your father like an atm. i don't want my father to be a money machine, i just want him to treat my mum and me like people and not like cr*p

Most teens hate their parents. They feel like they are obligated to let them do whatever they want when they want. Unlike them my father has an anger management problems and throws **** through out the house. He has never loved and will never love. He thinks everybody is stupid and he doesn't give 2 ***** about anybody else. It depends on the people,father and attitude towards life. But I will always truly hate my father.

Well, I do. There is no doubt about it. But I don't think everyone hates there dad's. I have seen great dad and children relationships. I don't have that with my dad not even with my mom.

YES I DO!!<br />
He isn't my real dad ANYWAY!!<br />
and i MEAN IT!

Not everyone obviously. But I sure do, he might not be alive now if there is a gun in the house.

I agree, at some point I think we ALL do sometimes..I know I do...

i do

i hate my dad too! he always threatens to kill my dogs if i dont do what he wants and one time i threatened to kill myself or run away and he just said.... one less mouth to feed. he punched my mom before and he has slapped me in the face 5 times. cheated on my mom when i was 3, one 2 women. i hate him.<br />
<br />
and he loves my sister more than me too. i try to avoid him as much as i can.... problem is, im 12 and i dont have many friends i can trust anymore and my mom isnt much help. i almost killed myself today, but i stopped myself cuz i am not gonna kill myself for this lazy ****-tard of an azzhole.

Thats so true!! Dont kill yourself just for that.. You may not be ablentochange ur father or d situation you are in.. But you have still d future.. Dont look at d bad stuff.. Look on what you can do for yourself , for you to be successful someday.

Killing yourself to spite someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die, to change the quote around. You can live a great life. Don't let any ******* hold you back. One day you will leave and go and do your own thing and nobody can stop you.

I don't really hate him..I just cannot love him...all the f---ing sh-ts i have received from him in the past make exactly what I am now...sometimes I'm glad I can be that most of times I hate myself...<br />
ya si, I don't hate him, so there's absolutely no forgiveness for me to sent...

I am 45 years old. My Dad is the person in my entire life that has hurt me more than anyone. I have always felt like "damaged goods" because of what he did to me.

Not everybody, some people say they hate their dad because he didn't bought them something they wanted (which is more like resentment that hatred) . But there is also the people that do hate them and have reasons for it.<br />
( I'm actually jealous of my friends that have/or pretend to have cool dads=(

No. That's a kind of stupid thing to say. I think this group is more for people who hate their dad all, or a vast majority of the time. Not people who get pissed off at their dad for any passing thing and love him the rest of the time.

I hate my dad.<br />
He makes me suicidal and then calls me a faker.

dont listen to him... he's just stupid...

As horrible as I feel for saying this, it's important that I do: don't prove him wrong, ever.

I hate my dad. So does my best friend.<br />
We just happen to have ****** dads.<br />
<br />
Another friend I have loves her dad. I don't blame her either. He's smart, hardworking, and loving towards her. I wish I had a dad like her's.

Mine doesn't give me shelter. Mine whacks me with heavy stuff and treats my mum like crap.

Mine doesn't give me shelter. Mine whacks me with heavy stuff and treats my mum like crap.

no not everybody after all doesn't he feed you and give you shelter


maybe everyone resents their father for something. i felt like i hated my dad because i had to, and i still feel this way.

I think the ones that do say they love there fathers there just " trend followers" because whenever you turn on the t.v. what do you mostly see daughters who love there dads?? <br />
am I right?sooo... they say they do because they wish they had there life like in the movies where everything is so "perfect". But in reality its not. Although I do wish it was.