I Hate the Bastard !

The dad I am living with is a step dad and he's been with my mom since 4 years ago.I never liked him and tryed to tell my mom he isn't right for her but in the end it's her life so I decided to accept her (stupid) decision.

We had our shares of fights and my mom was always in between us crying and trying to make things better.I got used to him and startd ignoring his **** or when he was up for a fight a would just ignore him.

A few months ago I opened a business ... I suffered alot and had to overcome alot of problems , he ocasionaly helped me with money.This years things went very bad my car broke down, my clients kept postponing my payments and he had to LEND me the money to pay my car's repair.Since then hell started in my house he was very upset on me and one he said it, he called me a parasite , a junkie and soon to come homeless... I felt like hitting him in the face with watever came to my hand...

I am 21 studying at a university, trying to run a business and here comes this fat **** and tryes to **** on  my life.I know I am better than that and that is what outrages me.

I decided to get a full time job to run in paralel with my business and pay my debt to the ******* but he keep acting like I am ****.

And now I have a real problem ... I care about what he thinks ... yesterday I tryed talking to him saying that it will be ok , I will get another job pay him his debt and things will be ok but he ignored me and last night he told that all of my business runing problems are **** and the only reason my familly suffers is because of me and my "stupid and worthless dreams" . I ******* HATE HIM and if I didn't care about him I could just beat the living crap out of him but I don't want another scandal ... my mom sufferes too much already...


What can I do to start ignoring the bastard and stop carrying about his person ? 

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3 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I cannot afford to move out right now but I have been thinking about for a lot of time and wish it very much ! <br />
I pretty much thought about my future and I have some ideas on what to do and how to move on but it's just so hard !!!<br />
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All respect for your sister if she manages with such a small salary.<br />
<br />
<br />
Retiredfather: well yes I do prrety much have a lot on my head nad it's the first time someone really told me that... I feel apreciated right now ! thank you so much for carrying about my problem !

Soundsl like you are carrying a heavy load - school,business, home life.<br />
<br />
Sounds like the friction runs deep, almost resentment<br />
on both sides.<br />
<br />
Have to think about it for a while.

Move out Thats What My Sister Did To escpae My Dad And She's Only a Hairdresser who earns £100-200 In A Week