The Baddest Dad (fred Abercrombie)

Im Only A Teenager And You'd Think They Always Hate Thier Dad's But Not Like Me.. Deep Down And Up I Hate Him And I Always will.

He's An Aggresive bastard and smokes pot in front of me when i am ashmatic and then thinks its funny before getting in a stressy mood because my mum's dropped something before trying to hit her..

He wakes up in the morning and has a go at me because i havent done something right before trying to hit me.

i've gone to school with bruises and scares and i even see phsycologists with my mum and him and he makes up conbuleded stories that ive tripped or been bullied at school while my mum sits in the corner scared.

my mum's quiet and peaceful but beaten and tormented by him while my other brothers are scared of him i stand up to him

all i can say is i want to get rid of him quick but life's not always right so i just have to live with him longer so dont give me advice just keep away from him..

TherealLife27 TherealLife27
13-15, M
Feb 15, 2009