Just Dont Like Him

I really don't like my dad, but I'm not gonna go into why, cos i don't like to talk about it. It's not even got anything to do woth the way he's treated me, it's other people, and it wasn't even rescent, but it's still always on the top of my mind. I can't stand to be in the same rom as him, and don't talk to him, our conversations go on no longer than 'hello' and 'goodbye' and thats the way I like it, however I still really want to move out and get away from him for good, so that I don't have to see him or speak to him.

I hate it when people say that you can't hate him that much and what has he done to you that's so bad, but they still don't seen to be able to understnd even if you do explain. I get jealous around the way other people are with their parents, cos I'm nothing like the way they are, I can't get on with mine, and it's not very nice, but hey, I'll get over it. I haven't got on with him for just over 7 years now and I'm not gonna start now. No matter what happens

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1 Response Aug 9, 2007

If you feel bad around him, there's probably a reason why, and other people ought to understand that. It doesn't mean you hate him, maybe you are sensitive enough to intuitively pick up on the fact that your dad is probably kind of a sad or negative person you don't feel good around anyways! And even if that person ends up being your father, well, that's not good company, and I wouldn't care to be around it. Let's face it: family isn't everything in the scope of things. It's not that I have this lonely, modern, estranged point of view on family, it's that I don't think you should care for them any more or less just because you were born into it. You also shouldn't let it hold you back any more than you might let a group of friends hold you back from becoming your true self and being a better person. People change! People can learn a lot, grow a lot, and sometimes you don't come from a really nice or good group of people. Me, ever since I've grown a lot spiritually, changed my life a lot, decided to be a more positive person, became vegan, environmentally concerned, etc.... I am VERy different from my family that's still well.... pretty irresponsible, messed up, negative, selfish, mean, and well... dirty (dirty house full of too many cats and dogs) people. And even with my influence, even with my example, they don't change. They simply won't. And me, what do I think about that? I don't need the added problems they always seem to bring from the way they live. I really would like to kind of estrange them. I don't want them involved with my family, which is on the way pretty soon here. When I have my family, it will be important to me, because I'll be living a life I give a crap about - not wallowing in negativity with the old faces I knew....