First of all, hi, I'm Ness. I'm not going to introduce myself, so here's basically my life story.

So, I grew up in Ohio. My father is from Burma and my mother was from Kentucky. I have 2 sisters, and one brother, which I love them all to death. I'm the youngest of my family.
When I was 4 my mother and father would take turns to which house I went to, since they were "divorced" (They never actually got divorced, but I'll explain this later.). My mother was in love with my sister's father. Sometimes he would come over, but I didn't really like him. Anyways, whenever I was at my mother's house, she would never take me to school. Sometimes when she left, she'd just lock me in my room for 4-5 hours while I watched T.V. Because she never took me to school we had a lot of financial problems, because I missed too many school days and we'd have to go to court.
One day my mother dropped me off at my grandma's house. She never came back that day. She left with my sister's father and my dad picked me up and I lived with him for now on. That's when my life went to ****.
My dad started hating me, cursing at me, beating me, and calling me worthless. At that time I didn't know what was happening because I was young. That went on for a while, and I started developing social anxiety. Because of my dad, I was afraid to speak out for myself, or speak any at all. People would tease me and such, but I didn't think much of them. They were just low lives that thought it was funny to pick on someone going through a hard time. My father wastes all his money on cigarettes, insisting he'll stop when he does. I calculated on how much he'd spent each year, and so far It's over the amount of me paying for college. What an *******. Anyways, he doesn't have a job, so he mooches off of his parents and my grandma. My grandma payed thousands to get my teeth repaired and get braces and such, while he spent none. Til' this day he is still jobless and getting no money at all.
A few days ago, me and my father got into an argument. He was saying how I'll "Have no job", "won't get anywhere in life", and how I'm "a worthless human being who takes up his space", even though that's what, quite frankly, he is. He threatened to beat me, and he almost swung, until I punched him. I punched him right in the face, and he fell onto the ground with blood from his nose. It felt great, none the less, but I still feel a little bit of guilt.
Anyways, just thought I'd vent.
TL;DR = Mom left me, never came back. Dad's a little ***** and hates me, we got into a fight, and I punched him hard in the face.
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Your amazing! I'm sorry you have to face such a hard life...have you tried telling someone that you are in an abusive environment? I was abused as a child I wish I had spoken up about it.

Thank you so much. Sadly, I have not, since I'm a little afraid to say something about it, but I plan to. I'm sorry this happened to you, too. It's horrible for anyone who lived their childhood like this.