I Finally Told Him

My dad used to manage a mobile home park. He worked for his dad, my grandfather. About three years ago, they sold the mobile home park and my dad lost his job. However, he inheirited a few million dollars from an old relative. Since then he's investing in the right things and hasn't had to go back to work. My dad will be forty-nine this April. In the three years since he's been on early retirement, he has been doing nothing except drink, smoke, watch his sport shows on TV, read the paper, and play on his computer. (Today, my 12 year old sister had to use his laptop and when the screen came up, we found out the "playing on his computer" meant he was watching ****. My 12 YEAR OLD LITTLE SISTER FOUND **** ON MY DAD'S COMPUTER!) He's been drinking more and more. He drinks about half a bottle of scotch a night. He gets so wasted sometimes, my sister and I find him passed out on a lawnchair in the backyard. Or a puddle of **** next to the front door. He never sleeps in the same bed with my mom anymore because he always passes out on the couch. Then, he blames my sister (she sleeps in my mom's bed) for taking up his side of the bed and forcing him to sleep on the couch. My mom, my sister, and I have been hating my dad and talking about his horrendous behavior for about two years. We always say we'll so something about it-aka my mom will separate from him, I'll take my sister and we'll go live at our grandparents' house, we'll talk to my dad, we'll make him move out...Well after my sister found the **** on my dad's computer, she and I went to talk to him. We told him how shocked we were when we found it and how much it scarred us for life. He said, "I'm sorry. I ****** up." My sister said, "Yeah. It was a pretty big mistake to let us find **** on your computer." Then he replied, "No. It's actually a simple mistake. Like, forgetting to turn off a lightbulb." I couldn't believe my ears. I yelled, "Yeah, a lightbulb that's in a spot your daughter goes everyday with **** on it!" My dad got pissed at my sister and me and started to defend himself. He actually tried to blame it on us! My sister and I just walked away (I could see her about to break into tears. Later, I went back to him and I told him everything. I told him that we all hate him, he drinks too much, we like him better when he doesn't drink and that I've had these feelings bottled up inside of me for two years and haven't told him because I was so scared of him that I thought he would yell at me. I stood there shaking with rage as I told him all of these things, but I held my ground and spoke confidently. When I was finished, he said, "Okay." He left. He got in his car and drove to a hotel. I was so filled with emotions after my confrontation that I found this website and had to start getting my feelings out. 

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That's why I'm writing on this site to. I have so many emotions from my dad that I just had to write about it. They say punching a pillow helps when you have a lot of emotion, but I think writing is a better outlet. It's very freeing. (wow i sound like a hippy poet) Good for you on standing up to your dad. when i try to do it he usually get angrier