He Is An *******

my dad is an absloute *** hole he wants me too do what he thinks is right i wanted to join the army and just because HE used to be in it he was like your not joining the army just because i hate skool he MOANS at me about putting the work in and just recently he brings up i-pod headphones i took frm him 3 yrs ago and yells at me about it i cant wait too move out im finished school for good on the 25th of may 2010 and im gettin a aparment with friends and i can recall my father when i was in bed and my mother and him wer haveing an argument and he needed to take hes angrt out on sumthing and he came in to my room put his knee on my chest and rammed is head into mine and said"see you,you little ****** coming in late"and went out just because i came home 10mins late seriousley i hate that ****** i wud fight him but he does ju jit zu :(

Scone11 Scone11
1 Response Feb 28, 2009

That sucks what makes me feel better is i **** in my dads cranberry juice(or any drink that only he drinks), i also took a **** in a bag and smeared it on his gas tank cap, and i put dirty toilet water in his denture and contact case. he doesn't realize any of this so every-time i see him use one of these things i feel great inside.