My dad tries to act like a religious man but he is a evil man to his children. All my siblings run away from home on a bad note, there's only two of us left and I am on the verge of leaving.

He use to abuse me and all my siblings but now he is getting old where he can only verbally abuse me. He calls me a ****, a *****, fat, ugly, useless. He always dictates me on my clothes when all I want to wear is sweats and a tshirt. He acts like I don't exist. Which is better than when he says rude things to me.
He talks **** to me in front of me to other people, so now I started calling him and called him a horrible father.

Now when people ask about me dad I just say I don't have one. I don't know what it is like to have a real dad and sooner or later he is going to an old lonely man who still thinks he has done nothing wrong. When all your children leave you how do you still say it is their fault?

The one thing I stick up for is my siblings when he talks badly about them, they are everything to me. They've helped me in life so much I owe them my life.
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my dad recently took all of my items an said you dumb **** you never getting them bak