*** Hole

Well... Im 16 my dad has been gone almost 11 years now... but recently he has turned into a jerk... and i hate him so much... he has walked into our house when no one is in... calls me ONLY  when his computer dont work or he dont know how to do something.


I am very badly ill around christmas time and to top it off my sister had a 10 wk premature baby and i was suffering with bad depression becuase of him and he has taken advantage of me by making me sell my laptop to him for £100.. now i am much better and realised what a mistake that was...


Any way he got married last sept and over christmas he chose his wife over his 2 kids ( my half bros) and now they live with grand parents i feel so sorry ofr them to i just want the mto live with me..

he is a control freak my sister is moving house and he is desperatly trying to stop it and take control.


Have any of you had this problem and sorted if soo contact me..

we can give each other advice : )



gibbii122 gibbii122
18-21, M
Mar 1, 2009