I hate him. He's an ignorant ugly ***** and not to mention a pathetic dumb ****. He gets in the way of my success and acts like he's doing nothing wrong. When he's home all he does is watch the dumb tv, go on Facebook, and finally leaves the living room late at night. His stubborn ignorance irritates me. I wish I could remove all the **** heads from my life. I wish I knew how to deal but I can't. I get aggravated over and over again. I don't know what to do. I hate him. He's ignorant. He doesn't care about how I feel at all. He does not care. He is an obstacle because whenever I'm about to do my work, he gets in the way and then I give up and go to my room and lay on my bed mad. I want to be my best. But these ignorant people around me just get to me. I hate him so much.
wajaylababo wajaylababo
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 19, 2014

my dad also always watching tv and yelling for someone to serve him and go to sleep at night so he really a lazy jerk

Does he have a job ? If so what job ?

He's a restaurant chef and pizza deliverer

So what did he do again?

When I come home from school I set out my school work on the table and he comes in and turns on the tv and eats and acts like he's doing nothing wrong and like I don't have priorities. I just give up trying to tell him hes in my study space because he will not even try to understand how difficult it is for me. He cares more about himself.