I Can't Wait For My Dad to Die.

My dad is the stupidest Italian immigrant i have ever met.  He has money but refuses to pay for my school, he always thinks he is right and constantly belittles everyone in my family.  When ever he comes home and sees me he calls me a f**king bum, or a f**king idiot or some other belittling comment.  He use to beat me and if my mother or my sister tried to stop him he would go off on them.  This has not happened for a while ever since the last time he tried i beat the crap out of him and sent him to the hospital.(this sadly was the happiest day of my life)  I would move out but because the bastard would rather buy piece of crap buildings than sending me to college, i had to take out crazy loans.  He doesn't understand that when I'm home reading I'm doing work and just starts yelling at me because I'm"lazy".  I had a job all throughout high school and have been living off that for the past 3 years, i did have a job recently but he forced me to quit, he broke my ribs while i slept, now my friends that got me the job wont talk to me (i cant tell them why i quit).  In retaliation i slashed all his tires.   He always thinks he is right even when everyone tells him he is wrong and proves it, for example tonight he had a flat tire so i called AAA and they told me to have the car parked in the street(because our driveway isn't flat) and he started flipping out on me because i was moving his car up 10 feet he said i was f**king up the rim(meanwhile he had just drove home 2 miles like that).  So i left the car there and told him to wait for them himself, instead of waiting for them he went to clean out his guns in an attempt to intimidate me.  So then AAA pulled up and my mom told him to go move the car and he lost his **** and threw all the plates off the diner table and started threatening all of us that we need to get out of his house if we don't like his rules(his same stable statement).  when he finally came in we all had it out with him and he called us all f**king morons and to get out of his house.  I told him that when he dies I'm going to **** on him, and I'm going to, and I'm going to just let the state take care of his remains because i want him erased from my life. I know i wrote allot and say nothing of substance and i don't know what i expect from writing this but venting is making me feel better.  If anyone has any advise on how to make his life miserable without it getting back to me let me know the suggestions(no care related stuff because then he will make me get it fixed or get out of his house.  p.s. he is f**cking crazy out of his mind and could be really nice and then completely turn into an *******

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1 Response Mar 1, 2009

Well the best thing to do is just ignore him, I hate mine too but it's not as bad as yours.Watever you do don't try to kill him because you might succed and if so bad things will happen (trust me) . <br />
I never argue with my father , watever he says I say OK , no problem but I never do what he tells me to, I just ok :) and if he asks me why I didn't do it or did I say I forgot but it's ok :).<br />
<br />
Try and finish your highschool and move out of there as fast as possible !