I Hate My Dad

My father is someone that drinks to much and prefers to blame it all on someone else, he hit my brother once and threatend to hit me, ive called the police twice but they told him to calm down...and he did but only for a while, he lies to my face, for intance he used to come home smelling like cigarettes and id asked him if he smoked, he had always worked around people that smoked so hed used that for an excuse, id then one day caught him smoking and i was like you ******* idiot how can you lie to your own daughter, and hed just laughed and pulled out another cigarette and smoked that one.

After a year or two i got fed up with his lies and stupidity and moved out and went to live with my mum and her husband, my stepfather.
my stepfather is so much nicer to me than my dad could have ever been, but my dad still trys to talk to me but i ignore him, not wanting to have anything to do with him. I cant runaway from my past but im glad my mum is there for me.
im aslo glad that there are peolpe that no how i feel when everybody else is like i know how you feel when only they think they do, the only ones that can truly know how i feel are the ones that have been through the same things.

18-21, F
Mar 2, 2009